Money Saving Hacks

Here I’d like to share some great tips to incorporate into your everyday life that can help you avoid spending cash where unnecessary. These are quick tips that you can start using right away to avoid debt.

Shop Online

The Selection Online Is Much Bigger:

Brick-and-mortar stores are so limited in space. Surely they will be limited in products as it also requires more staff to manage them all. Online retailers have huge warehouses with limitless amounts of products. Even niche stores are finding it difficult with compete against many online retailers. By shopping online you can avoid spending money on gas or transportation and you can get your shopping done in less time, allowing you to be more productive. Just be careful with the urge to impulse shop as they are good and suggesting related products.

It Is Much Cheaper:

When you consider the fact that online retailers do not have expensive rent to pay, which can drastically increase the amount they must charge they can get away with charging much less for products. Most larger online retail outlets offer free shipping if you spend up to a certain amount. Do not use this as an excuse to purchase more pointless stuff that you don’t need to avoid the shipping fee, just consider keeping the item in your cart until you have accumulated enough needed products over time to allow you to skip that shipping cost.

Set up an automated savings and payment plan

Automating your monthly payments and setting up monthly deposits into your savings account can help prevent unwanted late fees. Set up a goal of where you would like to be and by what time, start automating your income accordingly and put your finances on autopilot. Consider setting up a free account with, a finance software which breaks down your finances in a visual form and helps you see the blueprint of your financial dreams.

Request a reduction in your credit card interest rate

If you are using a credit card with airmiles then consider getting off it for a low interest credit card. If you are already using one, then on the back of your credit card you will find a phone number. Call this number, ask to speak to someone and tell them that you are interested in switching credit card companies because you are paying too high of interest. This does not work all of the time but you would be surprised how well you can intimidate a credit card company by threatening to leave them for a competitor.

Consider checking out some of the great life hack ideas at There they have great money hacks as well as productivity and lifestyle hacks that can potentially help you to optimize your professional and day to day efforts of escaping debt.

Lifestyle Money Saving Tips: Pressure Cooking

When speaking with clients about consolidating their debt and finding solutions to reoccurring issues which perpetuate that debt our response is usually with numbers. We manage bank accounts and credit card information and create solutions. Many of the lifestyle choices which take place before those credit cards get racked up are not often our territory and frankly none of our business. Professionally we concentrate on the back end and where to go from here. However, in this blog we would like to provide you with a few tips on how you can incorporate a few lifestyle choices into your daily routine to help prevent the need for ever seeking consultation in the future.


In this article we’ll start with our favourite means of cooking: pressure cooking. That’s right, pressure cooking. As parents ourselves within this profession we are in constant dialogue with ourselves and each other on reducing costs on daily expenses like groceries, energy bills, time costly chores and all sorts of life hacks. In the office and on our breaks we like to share these ideas as they inevitably tie in to our work as they are usually prevent many of our clients issues from occurring in the first place.


Pressure cooking is extremely energy efficient in that it will reduce cooking time by upwards to 70%. Large model pressure cookers will allow plenty of food which will always result in plenty of leftovers to be taken for lunch the following few days. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? Well you would be amazed with the number of clients who’s large source of debt is due to laziness in preparing for themselves because of the time required to cook. Or that the food they make doesn’t taste as good as the restaurants. As a result they spend $10.00 a day eating out at lunch. Multiplied by 5 days a week and 52 weeks a year. That’s $2600.00 annually on, most often, heavily none nutritious restaurant food that could easily be replaced by a healthier and cost-effective alternative.


We hope you don’t overlook this recommendation to diversify your money saving tactics. It is truly a win-win situation in every aspect. Save dollars, eat healthier and enjoy your meals just as much, even more than any take out. Pressure cooking is a fun way to take care of business while not encouraging any more debt building habits. Click the photos to find out how you can start today.

Fast Track Savings with Slow Cooking

You will notice we like to discuss money saving tips through different cooking methods which is mostly due to the fact that you are going to need to feed yourself and your family three or more times a day. This is clearly one of your great expenses along with rent and car payments. Though this may seem obvious to anyone, what is surprising is that though clients we deal with manage to choose cheaper house arrangements, cheaper and fuel efficient vehicles or public transit and also shop at discount clothing stores they find themselves spending more money than necessary on food because they can’t establish proper cooking, shopping, or scheduling habits they need to save those dollars.


Typically these habits can be acquired quite easily, they just need to be identified and ritualized. The immediate results are often enough to keep the ball moving for a while, but sadly for many it is only a matter of time until the old habits return. In this post I want to suggest that you take a look at these habits built around slow cooking. Slow cookers are very cheap kitchen appliances that are programmable and allow you to set them and forget them. They have a large capacity which allows you to cook in bulk and pack your leftovers away into the fridge or freezer to last you however long you wish.


Here’s a grocery tip. Find yourself either a great cookbook or some recipes online. It will only take a few minutes. You will want to find a few which you like and pick up the ingredients for all of them and even consider doubling the recipes. Once you get home, chop up and prepare all the foods and store the ingredients which you wont be cooking right away in tupperware containers. What you need to understand is that getting into this new hobby it will require a learning curve. By preparing all the foods in advance you allow yourself later to just easily grab them, throw them in the cooker, set it and forget it. Now your ingredients for all the recipes you have chosen are ready to go. Say you have chosen 3 recipes. Start one today and set aside 2 other days this week to prepare them. This will leave you enough for dinner and lunches for the rest of the week, with new dinners being produced throughout the week adding more and more to your lunch stock.



Your freezer will start to fill up and you can have certain dishes on rotation or figure out your own system for yourself that works. Personally, I like to make a habit of choosing one day to pick the recipes and do my shopping in which I choose my first meal to cook, and then spread the days out over the week that I cook the other recipes. And because dishes can last up to 3 months or so in the freezer I always have a great selection to choose from everyday. That small amount of time I spend choose recipes and preparing my ingredients saves me more time and money than waiting until I am starved and then going out and impulse buying garbage, convenient food.

Give it a try, you will see instant results guaranteed.